Sunday, February 22, 2009

2008 in review

I think it was in 2002 or 2003 in the dog days of summer that I stopped fishing. I had lost my passion for catching fish. I was having a hard time catching fish. I was tired of not catching fish. I was always explaining to my wife that we were experiencing a "tough bite."

Then in winter 2008 I felt the old magic again. I bought a very cheap boat on craigslist. I got my gear together, re-spooled and greased up. I cleaned out the tackle box. I ended up having a great year despite climbing the learning curve again. Here's the highlights:

The boy and I found a good carp spot:

Got close-up footage of an odd tiger muskie behavior:

Here's more on Tigers with their heads out of the water:

I caught a huge bass:


I finally figured out how to catch walleye: (though not with great consistency)

Nov 5 2008 002

I discovered river fishing:


and I caught some trout:


I am starting to get the itch again very badly. The boat is still in storage at Shakopee marine but we'll be picking it up in March. I can't wait.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trout in winter

A friend and I headed to a creek in southeast Minnesota in January and caught some brown trout. I can't explain how nice it is to go out in the winter and actually cast for fish. The friend is a great photographer so I end up getting real nice pictures of the trip.

We used Panther martin spinners and caught a few small trout. I am still a novice trout fisherman so a ten-inch trout still brings me great joy, especially when it is 17 degrees fahrenheit out. Eventually I may learn how to catch more than 0.3 trout per hour. In the meantime I love it.