Sunday, April 26, 2009

First trip of the spring - two biggest trout ever

Had a good time in SE MN on Thursday. Got out of work and raced through traffic in no time.

I was really hoping to catch some brook trout, but brookies are hard to find anywhere near the metro. I got lucky and landed my biggest brookie yet. Of course I have only now caught twelve in my life. It was not a big fish, but I am delighted to catch such a beautiful fish.

I caught several in a few hours:

Then to end the night I decided to hit one more stream. Normally "taking a few more casts" doesn't result in anything. This time it worked. With 20 minutes of twilight left, I hit a small stream. I hooked something right off and I thought I had a monster brookie on. I was really freaking out. As it turns out, I hit a load of browns. I caught five nice ones in ten minutes. Wow.

My biggest brown ever: