Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bass opener

Got the boat out of storage and got her ready in time for the bass opener.

It feels really strange to say it, but I think my interest lies more with trout than any other species now. I enjoy all different types of fishing for several different species, but if I have one evening or one day to fish, I most likely will hit a trout stream.

That being said, I got perhaps twelve bass. Biggest was perhaps four pounds. Many bass in the lillies. Fun day indeed.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet mama

Went out the other day to explore a new section of a favorite creek. It's a marginal trout stream. I saw a section via satellite imagery that is harder to get to than other areas. Certainly people fish this stretch, but much less compared to the stream portions nearer the highway.

First fish came on a Panther Martin, the next on a small tube jig. Both were nice sized and both fought like bulls.

Then I set a new personal best at 17 inches. I couldn't believe it. When this fish jumped out of the water it came down with a kerplunk! I never heard a trout make such a splash. Then I lost a trout that felt like a freaking otter. That was very sad. I could not keep it out of the tree limbs. I did not get to see it at all.

Then a few minutes later I caught a trout that barely fit in the net. She measured 20 inches. This one spent some time horsing around under some tree branches, but I got her out this time.

Another monster:

I was home in time to kiss the boy goodnight and rock the baby girl to sleep. It was an amazing night.

On a side note, I took Len Harris' advice and I got a net. It seemed to be very gentile on the fish and it was nice to not have to attempt a hand grab. Good investment.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Adam and I found a special place in the north country where once can find nice brookies. I would have been happy with a decent one and I got a thirteen incher. It was a special day. Mad props to the wife for making this trip possible. Once again Adam and I were near death by the end of the trip. Recovery time was three days.

Got a small video as well: