Thursday, June 18, 2009

Muskies! (kind of)

I got the chance to go out on the morning of the Minnesota muskie opener. I was fishing in my home lake that has plenty of tiger muskies. They are not pure-blood muskies, but they are close enough for me. The biggest tiger I'd ever caught was perhaps four or five pounds. Very fun on spinning tackle, but not a monster.

For me, a large muskie would be anything over ten pounds, or perhaps over three-feet long. I actually hooked a large muskie Saturday morning. I thought perhaps I'd snagged a carp as it slowly swam under the boat. Could have been a big bass. Then I realized that I could not turn it even with my medium-stiff rod and baitcaster with 12 pound test. Slowly it came up to the surface and leapt completely out of the water! She threw my spinnerbait and Adam and I sat in stunned silence.

We had two more chases that morning before the rain set in.

We were back out Sunday morning in the rain at 5:00 AM. Nothing.

That evening at 10:30 I caught a large walleye on a bucktail. I've never been so disappointed with such a nice fish:

Then before work on Wednesday, I was finally able to get one in the boat. It hit the same bucktail that the walleye hit:

Finally. I probably casted a line for muskies 30,000 times up until this point. I finally got a "real" one.

Then a few days later, Tony and I had a "big night" with another muskie (almost boated) a big bass, and a big walleye (this one on a spinnerbait!)

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Girlfriend

I think I have the greatest wife in the world.


She allows me to drive all around the countryside, obsessed with chasing little fish. We've worked out a schedule for household and parental duties so that I get one night a week to go fishing and she gets one night a week to do whatever it is currently obsessed with. I think it is currently making dresses and photography. She even lets me fish for entire Saturdays (of course I have to earn those trips.) Sometimes I don't really earn those trips and she lets me go anyways. Just because she's the best wife in the world.

Then I come home with pictures of big, fat trout and I have to explain why I had to let them go. She'd rather eat a trout than see a picture. I bring home a walleye from time to time to earn my keep.

So thanks momma. Sorry about the C & R.