Monday, May 3, 2010

The human being and the fish can coexist

This last weekend, for the first time ever, I kept trout and killed them to put food on my family. My wife is a happy, happy lady.

I cleaned five fish and didn't lose my appetite in the process. I've struggled with that in the past.

The whole family had a good time sifting through the stomach contents of our fish. We found worms, a caterpillar-looking thing, small snails still in the shell, scuds (first time I ever saw one in real life), many small insect larvae including a caddis larvae still in its pebbble casing. No spinners or jigs. I think I need to get better at nymphing.

One brown and four brookies make a great meal. We had baked potatoes as well, all cooked on the new grill.

I'll be headed down to Southwest Wisconsin for the first time later this month. I hope to grill a trout or two over a fire with my son.


  1. Hello Tom - Those are some nice trout there. Really like the picture of rod, reel, and fish!
    Freshly caught trout are a pleasure to eat over a campfire. Happy hook ups!

  2. Yeah I like the photo of the brook and your spinning rod too. Beautiful fish. I used to think trout were too pretty to eat. Glad you liked them on the grill. You need to smoke some this summer as well. My favorite way to cook trout.