Saturday, May 8, 2010

My boy...

officially loves fishing. We can go down to the park after dinner and we're fishing a minute after we leave the door. He got to cast a fly tonight and he would have stayed there all night if I had let him. He landed and unhooked a small bass for me. Later he caught one of his own.

The problem was he got into a rotten snail a few minutes earlier. I mean rotten. The cork on my fly rod started to smell a little. It was nasty. Got home and couldn't get the smell off the little guy. Mom wouldn't let him come near her. After a great deal of hand-washing and a shower, I just ended up putting some cologne on him. Eesh.

At bedtime we pretended to catch a muskie. We got out before sunrise, put the boat in the lake, pulled the rope to start the motor and ran across the lake. He took a cast, hooked a muskie, it jumped twice. I was too scared to net it so I held his rod while he landed it. We both had to lift it because it was so heavy. I took three pictures and got a bucket of ice for him. he put the muskie in the bucket. We got home and cleaned the fish. Oscar almost cut himself on the knife. We seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic, broccoli and oil. Then he ate the whole thing before I even got a bite. If I never got to fish again, I'd be content to pretend to fish with my son.

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